sexta-feira, 15 de abril de 2011

I have something for to say

I have something for to say...
 I'm crying tonight, I feel that my heart is bad.
 I hope the same place every morning.
 I despair at the thought that never again will I see you, touch you, kiss you.
 I just want someone as sweet as you, so kind like you.
 Look at the clock and the seconds, minutes tick by.
 I am alarmed at the desperation of the emptiness that I'll feel.
 This emptiness is vast as the ocean, it will flood, wreck of my feelings that I learned during all these years.
 I just want someone like you. Someone who loves me, someone who takes care of me, someone who is me.
 I want you, because next to me I can see beyond the mirror image.
 For reasons which I have to lose you.
 Knew that every time I remember I force myself to you.
 Now I would not even forget your smile, your taste, your touch, smell.
 I miss so much from you, even if you never have known.
 But I know you're out there, because I feel in some way.

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